Group Clearing Sessions

Group energy healing works in the same way as a regular energy session; I will clear the energy for the group as a whole. Everyone benefits from a group clearing. If you are feeling stuck or in need of support between private sessions, this is a powerful, yet affordable way to keep the energy flowing and to keep you clear.

What to expect:
Most of the group sessions will have a topic and I will clear for the group collectively any blocks or negative emotions that stand in the way of healing or improving that area of your life.

The session will be on a group telephone call.  At the end of each session if anyone had any specific help they needed I will address these anonymously. Even if one person’s energy needs something specific I can detect it and clear it. Depending on time, I may open the lines for more specific requests.

To be included in the next scheduled group, purchase your spot up to 24 hours in advance by clicking the button below the group session of your choice.   Information on how to join the session will be emailed to you 30 minutes before the event.

The following are upcoming group sessions:

💵Increase Your Prosperity💵

Date: 📅 Friday, April 26, 2024

Time: 7 pm CST

“The only way that someone can be of help to you is by challenging your ideas.”

Anthony de Mello, S.J.

“We’ve all accepted many false ideas and beliefs throughout our lives, and those false ideas and beliefs have kept us enslaved. We’ve been told that there’s limitation and lack in the world—that there’s not enough money, time, resources, love, or health: “Life is short,” “You’re only human,” “You have to work hard and struggle to get somewhere in life,” “We’re running out of resources,” “The world is in turmoil,”

“The world needs saving.” But the moment you see the truth, those mistruths will crumble, and your happiness will arise from the ruins.”

Rhonda Byrne

Did you know that if you feel lack or limitation in your finances it is stemming from your belief systems about money? Your relationship with money is based on the records you imprinted over the course of your lifetime.

The mind is like a record playing the “records” based on our DNA, the way we were raised, life experiences and the thoughts we entertain.

The “records” affect how we react, our decisions, etc. Did you know that we all have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day? Get this— 90% of those thoughts are the same ones we had yesterday! And over 77% of these are negative thoughts!

Energy goes where attention flows.

Somewhere along the way, you imprinted beliefs about how much money you’re “allowed” to have. This psychological limit is your money ceiling.

It starts to form when you’re young & you hear things like:

“Only the rich get richer.”

“Only doctors and lawyers deserve to make money.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Or maybe you watched your parents pinch pennies, judge others for their spending, or put your family in financial jeopardy.

If you answer “YES” to any of the questions, or have any negative thoughts, feelings or experiences with money, this is the call 📱 you need to join!

1. Have you ever had an argument over money?

2. Do you feel weighed down by bills or expenses?

3. Do you have fears over making ends meet?

4. Do you have to skip regular vacations?

5. Can you afford what you need or want?

6. Do you put yourself last?

7. Do you feel guilty about spending money?

8. Are you afraid of being without money?

9. Do you have a hard time stretching your paycheck?

10. Are you always “pinching pennies?”

11. Are you getting paid what you’re truly worth?

12. Do you ever get stuck in financial ruts?

13. Do you have negative feelings spending money?

14. Does money only drip-drip into your bank account?

15. Do you find that you seek less, want less, BE less

How I can help

*I have helped thousands of people reprogram their belief systems and their lives have changed dramatically.

*I have 16 years professional experience intuiting blocks and stuck energy keeping people from happy, productive lives.

*During a group session I’ll be harnessing that intuition for the collective benefit of the group, identifying general blocks and patterns, and working to clear them. This includes generation blocks as well.

*In my experience I have come to know that the first step to cultivating wealth and abundance is to identify and release the layers of old beliefs, blocks, and patterns you’ve unconsciously held onto since before the age of 8 years old. Addressing and releasing these is crucial to your success.

Reserve your spot on the call today!

Group energy healing works in the same way as a regular energy session; I will clear the energy for the group as a whole.  Everyone benefits from a group clearing.  If you are feeling stuck or in need of support between private sessions, this is a powerful yet affordable way to keep the energy flowing and to keep you clear.

Cost per person (includes recording): $97

(a $300 value)

Venmo with the group call in the comments
You can use PayPal too if desired. Please put which group clearing in the comments.

Can’t make it to the live session? That’s okay! The clearing is just as effective as if you were on the live call.

Upcoming May Call

Healing ❤️‍🩹 Mom Relationships

Includes: mom grief, troubled relationships, your role as a mother, mothering yourself, and so much more.

Save the date! 📅 Friday, May 31 at 7 pm CST

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Want MORE help? 👇🏻

Did you miss the last group session- Reach for the Stars? You can purchase the recording and the benefits are just as effective everything time you listen to it-just as if you were on the live call! To purchase the replay and receive the PDF of journal prompts and affirmations, send payment below:

⭐️Reach for the Stars⭐️

Overcome Procrastination, Avoidance, and Delaying

Now available as a download

The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re no longer willing to stay where you are.

Accomplishment begins with thoughts and is closely followed by action. What often happens is we get stuck in between thought and action. These blocks are often negative programming or belief systems thwarting your belief in yourself and your abilities. Let’s remove these blocks and all the reasons they were created in the first place. Then, we will work on next steps and clearing the emotional energy that you feel gets in your way.

How can this call 📱 help you?

  • Do you have a hard time with schedules?
  • How is your relationship with structure, order, or the rhythm of your day?
  • Are you accomplishing what you want to?
  • Do you fulfill your goals?
  • Are you setting any goals?
  • Does time seem to get away from you?
  • Do you feel bad about wasting time?
  • Do you consider yourself lazy?
  • Do you run around and are always busy but not as productive as you’d like to be?
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stuck?
  • Is concentration hard for you to plan?

We will covered this and so much more on this call. ☎️

“One of greatest thieves this world has is procrastination, and he is still at large. Are we aiding and abetting the criminal?”

Sterling W. Sill

Let’s shine a light on the negative belief systems and baggage that has been holding you back and robbing you of forward movement and take charge of your life today.

Cost for the replay (includes recording): $97

(a $300 value)

Send the total via Venmo or PayPal.

Didn’t make it to the live session? That’s okay! The clearing is just as effective as if you were on the live call.