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My Story

Originally I wrote this article a few months into starting the coffee enemas.  I knew I would be doing them for three years to completely regenerate my liver and health.  I’m updating this page at 2 years and 4 months into this journey and I’m healthier than I have ever been in my life.  I continued to lose stones for over a year into the process.  I also had a scan on my gallbladder one year into the enema journey and the doctor declared my gallbladder clean as a whistle.  (April 2018)

Read on for my original writings:

I had full body rashes all made worse through pregnancy from baby #4 and on. By #7 it was so bad I lived on medication because the doctors had no other cure.  Through a long journey, I did some all-around body healing and had a good pregnancy for #8 with minimal itching, but it was still always around some.    I was blessed to find another great naturopath who helped me stay alive as my organs were failing with #9.  My heart, kidneys, bowels, pancreas, liver, etc were the main ones failing.  We supported them with herbs, EO’s, energy work as best as possible.  In the end, I nearly died of liver failure after having her and was in the ICU.
Number 10 was unexpected for me, but I was given a personal promise by God that my body would sustain another pregnancy & our move to Germany in my 3rd trimester.  I did,  but I still was sick…not as bad as the last time, though.  The next 2 years my body went downhill despite my regimented diet- mostly vegan, and herbs, and cleanses.  When I got pregnant with #11 my liver was failing again.  I was jaundiced, full of rashes, getting shingles again, etc.  this time, though I was becoming allergic to everything, had severe constant pain in my gut.  The doctors did lots of tests and it was my liver and gallbladder.  They scheduled surgery.  I had had the inspiration for coffee enemas but would push it out of my mind. I was doing another rigid, regimented diet with cleanse and still suffering from little relief.  It was then, for the third time in my life, I went to my knees saying “I don’t care how weird it is…please inspire me to what I need to heal my body.”  The coffee enemas came to my mind again and I knew.  (The previous two answers to my ‘weird it is’ request were colon cleanse and energy healing.)  I purchased the supplies.
Within the first month, the pain stopped. Within the second month, the rashes were bye-bye.  I lost parasites like crazy (the other cleanses apparently didn’t reach), then the liver and gallstones by the THOUSANDS.  Liver flukes (parasites), debris, yeast like crazy, and now nests…nests of parasites and pathogens that were keeping me sick.
It is SAFE for pregnancy and it HEALS the liver.  That was the main reason I began it.  It relieves pain whether it be a migraine, pelvic pain, tummy pain.  I have eliminated 90% of the allergies I had, and that’s not even WHY I started!  It cleared all mental fog.  Simply amazing.
I will now share ALL the information I have been giving my friends:
I currently do four a day.  With a good system going it doesn’t have to take forever.  But, in living in Europe I’ve learned the value of slowing down, staying home more, and being still.  I don’t ever want to do less with how sick I’ve been- for at least a year.  Whenever I have detox reactions such as swollen eyes, tummy ache or nausea -temporary but it shows up as detox happens sometimes, etc., then I follow it right up with another one and it pulls out whatever was left that was causing that reaction.
I’ve noticed a trend in how we release:  first lots of mucus, parasites, old stool.  Then lots and lots of debris as it cleans up and heals the pockets in the intestines.  Then stones, stones, stones, yeast.  More parasites, more stones.  Then nests of stuff.  The enemas pull out ALL the air in your gut.  From both ends.  Seriously, it’s been the best relief EVER.

What to use

First, the infrared thermometer (I use for cooking now and checking the water temp for the enema.)  The temperature should be no more than 108 and I don’t like it less than 102.
Second: here is the enema kit: 
Next: I use a stainless steel pitcher to pour the coffee from the pot and into the enema can.  I’m trying to avoid plastic as much as possible.
It is important to use organic dark coffee that is fair trade.  My friend and I have been doing tons of research.  The dark contains less caffeine and it seems to work SOOOO much better.  I have more stones, more stuff release the darker it is.   We use 1/4 cup of whole, unground beans to 2 quarts of water.  Boil 10 minutes and cool.
We reuse the beans until they sink so 2-3 times.  Then I use them as compost or put them straight into my potted plants.
I use a natural/herbal cream for lubricant as it is a more gentle way to put it in.

Now for the links on the how-to’s.

More information- in no particular order:

My husband created our system for cleaning and prepping the line.  He has it all organized.

To prep:

Put the can on the floor and pour the coffee in—be sure the line is clamped.   No coffee usually goes into the line until you release the clamp.  Do it until it gets to the end and clamp.  This gets rid of the air in the line.  Then set your enema up high.  I have a bookshelf fairly near my bed that I set it up on.  The higher it is the faster it flows.  It still takes about 6-7 minutes to empty and I do a full can- to the top.
I like to put the coffee in when it’s between 130-120 degrees because it helps cool it off faster. It should cool to at least 108 degrees F. before taking the enema.

To Insert:

The best way to insert the enema yourself.  I put a towel in the place you’ll be laying – when working with water it’s always a good idea.  Then lie down on your right or left side, keep the bottom leg straight, bend the top leg.  Reach behind and gently insert. It needs to go through two sphincter muscles so you’ll need to push it through a bit more.  Then reach for the clamp and let it go.  Set your timer.  Read a book, meditate, rub your tummy to help the water move through all the nooks and crannies.  I do 6 minutes on one side and 6 on the other.  I do a full 2 quarts. It takes about 7 minutes to empty the can- depending on the height it’s at, but I keep an eye on the bubble of air that comes down the line and know it’s then time to clamp it and pull it out.  Then I relax for the remaining time.

To Hold:

If you have a little leakage, it means your sphincter muscles are not too strong.  Don’t give up, this will strengthen them.  Just keep squeezing.

You might find that there are times your stomach cramps or you get an overwhelming urge to go.  It’s an air bubble and will pass in less than a minute.  Just squeeze and focus on something else.
I was originally diagnosed with other autoimmune diseases, one being colitis, though I’m stubborn and refuse to “own” any of these.  I know I can heal them.  When I started the enemas my stomach was distended and swollen and my bowels ached.  After every meal, I would swell and it was miserable.  If I’m not consistent with the enemas and keep sugar and grains on the low down (I can eat them, but not every meal), I can swell again, but never to the extent, I started.  It was VERY hard to hold in the enema with all that air and swelling.  I read about adding potassium to the coffee.  I take potassium anyway with the supplements from so I opened one per batch of coffee and poured it in.  I did that for about a month and it would relax my bowels enough to make it easier to hold in the enema and my bowels weren’t so “desperate” to move.
I still have days where there is some air in my digestive system.  I know the air bubble will pass and I can “relax” again while waiting.  Don’t give up.
The liver processes the entire body’s blood every three minutes.  The coffee from the enema goes into the portal vein and tells the liver to release the bile and toxins.  It filters the blood up to five times in that fifteen minutes and then dumps all the toxins straight into the colon, which is then washed out with the enema.  It’s a genius system.


I’m parasite paranoid.  My bathroom is cleaned regularly, especially because this isn’t clean—going in the toilet.

After each use:

I take the can right into the bathroom with me and dump out the little remaining in the sink.
It takes about 10-15 minutes to completely eliminate all the enema afterward and I lie down in between so I’m not putting so much pressure on the perineum.

Now to clean:

We use hydrogen peroxide spray after each use on the can and in the hoses. 1 time a week, wash it with dish soap.  We rinse out both lines- I like taking them apart.  Then I spray or pour hydrogen peroxide in the lines several times.  Rinse again.  Drain well.
Oh, and I spray the toilet seat down with hydrogen peroxide and wipe after I finish each enema.  Why hydrogen peroxide?  It kills parasites, is gentle, non-toxic, and does really well getting rid of coffee stains.  Win-win!


Coffee Enemas While Pregnant

Dr. Wilson says coffee enemas are completely safe during pregnancy.   I’ve been doing them most of this pregnancy now and I’m in the third trimester of pregnancy.
1) I’ve needed to make sure my electrolytes are balanced with me doing all these.  Did I mention I have NO SWOLLEN ANKLES?  Anytime I have extra fluid I do another enema and it kicks my kidneys and bladder up a notch!!  I am drinking coconut water to help.
2)  Any muscle weakness I had in the pelvic area is eliminated.  Labor is going to be a breeze.
3)  As I’ve hit my 34th week, the baby is much bigger does seem to inhibit the release of the enema sometimes.  I’ve found by leaning forward, letting my belly hang or getting on all fours helps take the baby off the bowels to help them release faster and more efficiently.
4) An update. I made it up to week 39 when I had the baby.  All went well.  I healed quickly.

Enema vs. Drinking

We’re Mormon and don’t drink coffee. However, I tell the kids it’s like tobacco, not for smoking or chewing, but is an herb for bruises and sick cattle. The same for coffee. It’s a herb used wrongly. It shouldn’t go in the tummy to drink, but to heal the liver and gut through an enema.
Now, my older kids joke with us all the time. “How do you like/take YOUR coffee?”, “Mom’s taking a coffee break”. When my daughter (15) went into the organic store to buy me a few bags, the man was telling her which one he thought tasted best and why. She laughed out loud when she got to the car…”It doesn’t matter how it tastes, he has no idea how my mom is using it.” Lol.

A few more Q & A’s from friends:

Q: Ever taste the coffee in your mouth while doing the enema..not putting it in there but going thru the tissues of your body?

A: Not at all. It’s also pretty weak. I don’t feel as if I just drank it either…jittery, etcetera.

Q. What size enema tips do you use?
A. Slim Size diameters 12Fr (4mm) diameter
Length: 20″ Long with open end
The slim yet long size helps in easy putting in & delivering the liquid higher up into the colon.

Q. How much time should I allow for this?

A. If I decide to do two, which I’ve found my first of the day enemas need that, I give myself about an hour plus. If only doing one, 30-45 minutes.


Q. What if my bowels are cramping during and after?

A. Most likely you are deficient in electrolytes.

I’m happy to answer your questions.

Shiloah Baker

My greatest dreams are to have a housekeeper; unlimited reading time; to travel wherever and whenever I want; to live in England, Italy and Hawaii; to go to Oxford University in the UK; to have all 11 children go on missions and to college; and to die peacefully in my sleep as an old, healthy woman. ♥



  • Rebecca
    1 year ago

    Did you use coffee enemas whilst breastfeeding? Everything I’ve read said this is a no no but I’m never not pregnant or breastfeeding so I don’t know how to heal if I can’t be pregnant or BF.

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