What Empowers Me

What is Empowered Mom?

After retiring The Homemaking Cottage website, I thought I would move on and not go back to writing online.  *Insert snicker*


God had other plans for me and soon I felt inspired to begin Empowered Mom. What is the Empowered Mom?  I feel empowered with all the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained over the years. I feel compelled to continue to pay it forward.  As an empowered mom, I hope to create a space for inspiration, thoughtful posts, and more– to create a tribe of women who are daily becoming empowered and successful in all they do.

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Books Empower Me

“We may have fellowship and rank with the chosen and the mighty of every place and time according to our own wish.  And if we want to be the companions of the nobles, all we need to do is to make ourselves noble.  We do not need to lack for conversation with the wise; if we understand wisdom, we shall hear it on every hand.  We have only one limitation; and that is, if we do not rise to them, they cannot stoop to us.  The influence of great books upon us is miraculous.” -Sterling W. Sill

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Doterra Essential Oils Empower Me

We use essential oils daily in our home.  As a mom, it helps me to feel empowered that I have recources for ensuring optimal health for my family one drop of essential oil at a time.

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Plexus Empowers Me

We’ve enjoyed the daily benefits of Plexus for several years now.  There are so many wonderful things to say about how you feel when you improve your gut health.

And, oh, by the way, become a Preferred Customer and receive FREE SHIPPING on your first subscription order of $100 or more using code FREESHIP.

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Energy Therapy Empowers Me

Energy therapy or energy medicine is a blanket term for any therapy that manipulates and aligns the energy circuits in our physical and spiritual bodies to regain balance.  The modality that I use is one that I began called Lifeology. It is the study of the mind, body, and spirit to quickly, easily, and painlessly clear away blocks and darkness that are keeping you from healing and happiness.

Energy healing takes a holistic approach, similar to a tree. If the branch is sick, you must get to the roots to find the causes so the entire tree can be rebalanced. Working with the subtle energy systems, both the conscious and subconscious minds, releases and removes the kinks in the energy flow where the cause of disease on all levels, mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally can be located.

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My Tribe is Empowering

A friend of mine recently said to “STOP saying 20 years” every time I refer to how long I’ve been online.  {smile}  It’s because we’re both getting old and 20 years is just surreal.  But, I’m still “hip” and I love my online tribe.  Facebook especially.  Hope you’ll join all the fun offerings I have there.

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If you haven’t heard about the keto diet for weight loss and healthy living, stick around here long enough and you’ll get more than a fair share’s portion.  I thought for sure I’d never lose weight after my 11th child was born until I began the keto diet with intermittent fasting.

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