Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy Basics

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Energy therapy or energy medicine is a blanket term for any therapy that manipulates and aligns the energy circuits in our physical and spiritual bodies to regain balance. There are many varieties of therapies that fall under the energy healing heading such as Reiki, Simply Healed, Kinesiology, reflexology, acupuncture, The Body Code, and more. The modality that I use is one that I began called Lifeology. It is the study of the mind, body, and spirit to quickly, easily, and painlessly clear away blocks and darkness that are keeping you from healing and happiness.

Energy healing takes a holistic approach, similar to a tree. If the branch is sick, you must get to the roots to find the causes so
the entire tree can be rebalanced. Working with the subtle energy systems, both the conscious and subconscious minds, the person and I work together to quickly and easily remove the kinks in the energy flow where the cause of disease on all levels, mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally can be located.

Baggage, emotions, or the weight of your problems is heavy. Everyone has experienced the hardships of life, relationships, pain, fear, and physical pain. What are some things you are dealing with right now? Is it emotional baggage? Is it physical pain and suffering? Is it spiritual or mental heaviness or agony?  Are you having difficulty progressing in an area of your life?  Are you numb and just want to feel again? I’d love to help you with any of these and more.

As you heal the energy, you reset false, incorrect, negative, or limiting belief systems and you raise your vibration. This simply means that you begin to receive more light, eliminating darkness, the darkness of negative emotional blocks, patterns, beliefs, and more. The healing also takes place on the cellular level, correcting imbalances.

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“I am feeling so free and calm and focused. It is such a precious gift! Thank you. I feel healed of wounds I didn’t realize I had. I am looking forward to the next time I can do a session.”

-Nancy Jones

“Friends, if you have anxiety at all, try this out. It’s been life-changing. I have been able to work things out in the few short sessions I have had with Shiloah than I have in almost a year in weekly therapy.”


Shiloah Baker

My greatest dreams are to have a housekeeper; unlimited reading time; to travel wherever and whenever I want; to live in England, Italy and Hawaii; to go to Oxford University in the UK; to have all 11 children go on missions and to college; and to die peacefully in my sleep as an old, healthy woman. ♥



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